ISO 9001:2015

Actual certificate

We are too pleased receiving our actual certificate for ISO 9001:2015. For further information please have a detailled look at the certificate itself. 




Donation campaign for Christmas time

unicef "Unite for children"

This year we have decided that we will help children in the world instead of "other Christmas gifts"

Many thanks to all our customers and suppliers for the successful cooperation in 2016!


ISO 9001:2008 certificated

Krebs & Kessel is now successfully certificated according to ISO 9001:2008

We are too pleased to announce that we are now certificated according to ISO 9001:2008. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.











New belt lengths for Falcon HTC with 14M pitch

Following a glut of requests from the market, some new belt lengths have been included in the programme for 14M pitch belts.
The Falcon 14GTR is now available in lengths up to 6636 mm.


Calculation of ribbed V-belt drives and timing belt drives

KK Select 2.2: Current version with new features

As of now, the tried-and-tested program of KK Select, designed for the calculating of belt drives, is available in the considerably extended 2.2 version. This runs under Windows 7 in the 64-bit version. In addition to the configurating of timing belt drives, this free software is also geared towards the calculating of ribbed V-belts although it is already possible to calculate existing widths of ribbed V-belts individually. An added bonus is the now hugely extended database boasting new belt products and belt lengths.
The program developed by the Krebs & Kessel GmbH continues to ride high ahead of all other programs as it enables the calculating of belt lengths for up to an eight-wheel drive. This belt program runs autonomously on a USB stick and therefore does not have to be installed on a computer.
For all those who are interested, the full version of KK Select 2.2 is available as a free download on our company home page at This version, completely free of charge, is also available on a USB stick. You can order the stick either online by visiting or by telephoning our office staff on +49 2945 96937-0.
KK Select 2.2 calculates the values for our timing belt products, i.e. for SuperTorque, MegaTorque, HPPD, WhiteHawk, BlackHawk, Falcon and GigaTorque. In other words, this program covers the entire range of synchronous belt systems found on the market today.
Version 2.2 of KK Select has indeed been very much extended as is shown by the way it can also calculate drives with poly-ribbed V-belts for the following profiles - PJ, PK, PL and also PM; and it is now even possible to choose from variable, ribbed belts!
By using the simple, clearly-laid out, user-friendly input mask, it is exceptionally easy to collect data to perform calculations. And the efficient way in which the result output is presented is sure to exceed all your expectations.
One example of the smooth functioning of this software is the output of noise level data for the extremely quiet Eagle Silent Sync/Silent Sync NRG. Perfection right down to the very last detail. Other big points scored by KK Select are the ways it effortlessly determines axle loads and belt pre-tensioning. And for those using frequency meters, the Krebs & Kessel program displays the belt preload force in Hertz.